Global Distribution Systems (GDS) play a pivotal role in the travel industry, connecting hotels with travel agents, corporate clients, and online booking platforms. Here’s a detailed overview of hotel listing benefits in GDS, the booking process, involvement of travel agents, consortia, Request for Proposal (RFP), and a list of major GDS providers:

Hotel Listing Benefits in GDS:

  • Global Reach: Hotels listed in GDS gain exposure to a vast network of travel agencies, corporate travel departments, and online travel companies worldwide.
  • Increased Visibility: GDS platforms provide comprehensive information about hotels, including descriptions, amenities, photos, and rates, enhancing visibility and attracting potential guests.
  • Real-Time Updates: Hotels can update their inventory, rates, and availability in real-time, ensuring accurate information for travel agents and customers.
  • Distribution: GDS facilitates centralized distribution, allowing hotels to manage inventory across multiple channels efficiently.
  • Access to Consortia Programs: Participating in consortia programs through GDS enables hotels to access lucrative corporate contracts, group bookings, and preferred rates negotiated by consortia members.

Booking Process:

  • Travel agents access GDS platforms through specialized software known as GDS terminals or through online interfaces.
  • Agents search for hotels based on criteria such as destination, dates, room type, and price.
  • GDS displays available hotels meeting the search criteria along with detailed information.
  • Agents select the desired hotel and room type, make the booking, and receive confirmation in real-time.
  • Hotels receive reservation details and update their inventory accordingly.

Involvement of Travel Agents:

  • Travel agents serve as intermediaries between hotels and travelers, using GDS platforms to search, compare, and book accommodations for clients.
  •  Agents provide personalized recommendations, itinerary planning, and assistance with travel arrangements to enhance the booking experience.
  • Hotels benefit from partnering with travel agents by gaining access to their extensive network and receiving bookings from various sources.


  • Consortia are groups of independent travel agencies that negotiate contracts with hotels and other travel suppliers to secure favorable terms for their members.
  •  Participating in consortia programs through GDS allows hotels to access corporate clients, associations, and group travelers affiliated with the consortium.
  • Consortia programs offer benefits such as preferred rates, exclusive amenities, and marketing support to participating hotels.

Request for Proposal (RFP):
• RFPs are formal requests sent by corporations, travel agencies, or consortia to hotels seeking proposals for group bookings, corporate contracts, or negotiated rates.

• Hotels respond to RFPs by providing detailed information about their property, rates, availability, and proposed terms and conditions.
• GDS platforms facilitate the RFP process by enabling hotels to receive, review, and respond to RFPs efficiently.

Benefits of GDS Participation:
• Increased Visibility: Hotels gain exposure to a global network of travel agents and corporate clients, expanding their reach and attracting new business.
• Efficient Distribution: GDS streamlines the distribution process, allowing hotels to manage inventory and rates across multiple channels from a centralized platform.
• Access to Consortia: Participating in consortia programs through GDS provides access to lucrative corporate contracts, group bookings, and negotiated rates.
• Real-Time Updates: Hotels can update inventory, rates, and availability in real-time, ensuring accurate information for travel agents and customers.

List of Major GDS Providers:
• Amadeus: One of the largest GDS providers globally, offering a comprehensive range of travel solutions for airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel agencies.
• Sabre: A leading GDS provider serving airlines, hotels, and travel agencies with a wide range of technology solutions for travel distribution and management.
• Travelport (Galileo and Worldspan): Travelport operates two major GDS platforms, Galileo and Worldspan, providing travel distribution, booking, and data solutions for the global travel industry.
• SITA: SITA offers a range of travel technology solutions, including GDS services, to airlines, airports, and travel agencies worldwide.

In summary, hotels benefit from listing in GDS by gaining global exposure, increasing visibility, and accessing a network of travel agents, consortia, and corporate clients. The booking process through GDS involves travel agents searching, comparing, and booking accommodations, with hotels receiving reservations in real-time. Participating in consortia programs, responding to RFPs, and leveraging the benefits of GDS participation further enhance hotels’ opportunities to attract business and drive revenue. Major GDS providers include Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, and SITA, offering comprehensive travel distribution and booking solutions for the hospitality industry.